Hydro Initiates Groundbreaking Plasma Technology Pilot to Decarbonize Casthouses

Hydro Initiates Groundbreaking Plasma Technology Pilot to Decarbonize Casthouses

Norsk Hydro is embarking on a project to decarbonize its casthouses by testing plasma technology. This technology aims to electrify the aluminum melting process, which traditionally relies on high-energy consumption and fossil fuel sources.

Eivind Kallevik, Executive Vice President of Hydro Aluminium, emphasized the company’s dedication to reducing emissions in aluminum production. “Hydro is committed to making a significant impact not only in the aluminum sector but also in other metal industries and power-intensive production globally,” he stated. The success of this project at Hydro Sunndal could set a precedent for emissions reduction worldwide.

The pilot project, set to complete in Q4 2025, aims to melt the first aluminum with near-zero emissions. The project is expected to reduce emissions by over 500 tonnes of CO2 annually. However, the broader potential for decarbonizing aluminum foundries and recycling plants could lead to a global reduction of at least 11 million tonnes of CO2. Enova has backed this initiative with a funding of NOK 39.6 million.

Nils Kristian Nakstad, CEO of Enova, highlighted the organization’s collaboration with industries that contribute to climate transition. “Hydro’s plasma project in Sunndal is a key measure towards achieving a low-emission society,” he noted.

Hydro is pursuing multiple avenues to decarbonize its operations. In addition to the plasma project, the company has initiated biomethane supply agreements and explored green hydrogen for aluminum remelting. By 2050, Hydro aims for zero emissions across the entire aluminum production value chain. Other initiatives include carbon capture at its Sunndal plant and the development of HalZero technology for CO2-free primary aluminum production. icon

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