IG Asia Secures 75% Stake in Kazakhstan Copper Project from Rio Tinto

IG Asia Secures 75% Stake in Kazakhstan Copper Project from Rio Tinto

IG Asia, a private entity based in Nevis, has struck a significant deal with Rio Tinto International Holdings to acquire a 75% stake in the Pribrezhniy porphyry copper deposit along with five other underexplored areas in Kazakhstan’s renowned porphyry belt. This strategic acquisition places IG Asia in a commanding position within a project that Rio Tinto Exploration Kazakhstan has already enhanced through initial engineering analyses.

With the completion of this transaction, IG Asia will take over the majority ownership, while KazGeology, Kazakhstan’s state geological resource company, will retain a 25% interest in the joint venture. The move is poised to bolster IG Asia’s presence in the region and leverage the substantial copper potential the area holds.

Further exploration efforts are already showing promise, indicating potential for significant expansion and new discoveries within the project area. This development underscores a growing interest and investment in Kazakhstan’s mineral resources sector, promising substantial economic and operational advancements for IG Asia. icon

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