IperionX’s Titan Project Fully Permitted and Poised to Boost U.S. Critical Mineral Supply Chain

IperionX’s Titan Project Fully Permitted and Poised to Boost U.S. Critical Mineral Supply Chain

IperionX’s Tennessee-based Titan critical minerals project has achieved full permitting for development and operations, along with positive feasibility study metallurgical test results. The Titan project is strategically positioned to play a vital role in reducing the United States’ heavy reliance on foreign imports of titanium, zircon, and rare earths — essential critical minerals.

Titanium, known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to high temperatures, and corrosion resistance, is of particular significance in various advanced U.S. industries. Presently, the U.S. faces a growing dependence on high-risk jurisdictions and carbon-intensive supply chains for these critical minerals, importing over 80% of titanium minerals and nearly 100% of separated rare earth oxides from foreign sources.

Once fully developed, the Titan Project is expected to become a primary domestic source of these critical minerals, a milestone recently confirmed by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, which has verified the completion of all regulatory permit requirements for the project.

A Crucial Step in Strengthening the Domestic Supply Chain

The Titan project is poised to significantly reduce the United States’ dependence on critical mineral imports, strengthening a sustainable domestic supply chain vital for advanced industries such as aerospace and defense. Notably, major industry player Lockheed Martin has already ordered titanium plate components from IperionX, emphasizing the project’s importance.

IperionX CEO Anastasios (Taso) Arima expressed satisfaction with the project’s full permitting status, stating, “This is an important milestone in our plan to re-shore critical mineral and metal supply chains to the U.S., and our key focus is to now build a strong, sustainable, and low-cost domestic titanium supply chain.”

Ongoing Test Work and Offtake Negotiations

In addition to permitting success, IperionX has received positive results from its feasibility study metallurgical test program, showcasing high recoveries of titanium and rare earth minerals. The test work has highlighted substantial improvements in the recovery of higher-value natural rutile, zircon, and rare earth mineral products.

The company is actively progressing discussions for customer offtake agreements and strategic financing partnerships. Multiple strategic financing and offtake partners have shown interest in Titan’s valuable critical minerals. A significant Japanese conglomerate is exclusively funding bulk sample and due diligence test work at the project, a step toward advancing potential sales offtake and development financing.

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