Iran’s Mouteh Gold Complex Reports a Slight Decrease in Gold Bar Production

Iran’s Mouteh Gold Complex Reports a Slight Decrease in Gold Bar Production

Production Overview

Iran’s Mouteh Gold Complex, located in Isfahan Province, has experienced a minor decline in gold bar production. According to Trend’s report referencing data from the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), the complex produced 167 kilograms of gold bars in the first eight months of the current Iranian year (March 21 through November 21, 2023). This figure represents a 2.3 percent decrease from the 171 kilograms produced during the same period last year.

Comparison to Production Goals

Despite the year-over-year decline, the Mouteh Gold Complex has slightly exceeded its production target. The complex initially aimed to produce 165 kilograms of gold bars over the eight-month period, meaning the actual production was 1 percent higher than planned.

Monthly Production Insights

In the eighth month alone (October 23 through November 21, 2023), the complex produced 18 kilograms of gold bars, registering a 12.5 percent increase compared to the 16 kilograms produced in the same month of the previous year.

Facilities and Operations at Mouteh Gold Complex

The Mouteh Gold Complex is not only a mining site but also includes a gold processing plant where gold is processed and ingots are produced. The gold ingots manufactured at the complex are sold by Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO). Located in the village of Mouteh in Maymeh county, the mine has been operational since 1993 and has the capacity to produce up to 300 tons of pure gold annually. icon

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