Kolkata Metro Embraces Innovation with Composite Aluminium Third Rail

Kolkata Metro Embraces Innovation with Composite Aluminium Third Rail

Kolkata Metro Railway, an integral part of the city’s transportation network for nearly four decades, is embarking on a transformational journey by transitioning from steel Third Rail to composite Aluminium Third Rail. This move aligns Kolkata Metro with prestigious international counterparts such as London, Moscow, Berlin, Munich, and Istanbul Metro, all of which have made the shift from steel to aluminium Third Rails.

The decision by Kolkata Metro Railway to adopt composite Aluminium Third Rail extends to all upcoming corridor construction projects, including retrofitting existing corridors that currently use steel Third Rail. This transition represents a significant step forward in modernizing the metro system’s infrastructure.

Traditionally, Kolkata Metro Railway has relied on steel Third Rail to supply power to its rolling stock at 750V DC. The Third Rail Current Collector (TRCC), typically made of steel, is fitted on metro rakes to collect current from the Third Rail. This longstanding practice is now undergoing a transformative shift.

The transition will be implemented in multiple phases. The first phase will cover the section between Dumdum to Shyambazar. Subsequently, the second phase will encompass the stretch from Shyambazar to Central and J D Park to Tollygunge. In the third and final phase, the section between Mahanayak Uttam Kumar (Tollygunge) and Kavi Subhash (New Garia) will be addressed. In total, 35 RKm of mainline steel Third Rail will be gradually replaced.

The adoption of composite Aluminium Third Rail is expected to yield several benefits, including enhanced train operation efficiency, significant improvements in energy efficiency, and a reduction in the carbon footprint. It is estimated that this transition will result in annual energy savings of approximately 6.7 million units. This forward-looking initiative reflects Kolkata Metro Railway’s commitment to modernization and sustainability.

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