Kuzbass Calls for Aluminum Industry Exemption from “Exchange Rate” Duties

Kuzbass Calls for Aluminum Industry Exemption from “Exchange Rate” Duties

In response to the substantial financial strain on Rusal, a major player in the aluminum industry, Kuzbass’s leadership has advocated for an exemption from the new “exchange rate” export duties. These duties, impactful for various sectors, tie rates to the ruble’s value, potentially generating approximately Rb 50bn monthly for the state budget between 2023-2024.

Governor Advocates for Financial Sustainability

Sergey Tsivilev, the Kuzbass Governor, emphasized the detrimental effect of non-selective duties on companies like Rusal, which heavily relies on international raw material markets. Specifically, the duties compromise operations at facilities like Rusal’s Novokuznetsk Aluminum Smelter (NKAZ), threatening substantial losses and economic instability within the region. Tsivilev underlined the urgency of considering these global market dependencies, as companies navigate increased costs and operational challenges.

Potential Adjustments on the Horizon

High-ranking officials, including First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov and representatives from various ministries, confirm ongoing deliberations regarding potential exemptions. These adjustments require a thorough analysis, ensuring balanced decisions that consider both industry sustainability and budgetary implications. Despite the complexities, there’s an openness to reevaluating the “exchange rate” duties, provided companies present transparent and compelling economic data.

Wider Industry Implications

The dialogue extends beyond the aluminum industry. Other sectors, facing similar constraints due to the duties, advocate for exemptions. Companies highlight narrow profit margins and the adverse effects of broad-brush policies on specific goods, urging a more nuanced approach. This situation underscores the delicate balance required in tariff regulations, impacting businesses, regional economies, and Russia’s broader market landscape.

The unfolding situation around Rusal further illuminates the intricate global interdependencies and economic strategies pivotal for Russia’s industrial sectors, setting a precedent for future governance in the metals industry.

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