Kyrgyzstan Allocates 1 Billion Soms for Mineral Resources Development in 2024

Kyrgyzstan Allocates 1 Billion Soms for Mineral Resources Development in 2024

Government’s Commitment to Mining Sector

During the Second Kurultai held on December 15 in Bishkek, Cabinet Chairman Akylbek Japarov announced Kyrgyzstan’s strategic plan to invest significantly in the mining sector. The government has earmarked 1 billion soms for the development of mineral resource deposits in 2024, signaling a robust commitment to harnessing the country’s rich mineral potential.

Focus on Rare-Earth Metals

Japarov highlighted that Kyrgyzstan, with its numerous deposits and annually increasing prices for ore and rare metals, plans to channel investments into the development of key deposits. These include Aktuz, Bordu, Kuttesay-1, Kuttesay-2, and Kyzyl-Ompol, known for their substantial reserves of rare-earth metals.

State Ownership and Revitalization of Kara-Balta Mining Factory

The Kara-Balta mining factory, now entirely state-owned, is set for revitalization. This move underscores the government’s strategy to strengthen state involvement in the mining industry and optimize existing mining assets.

Uranium Tailings Reclamation Efforts

The government is also actively engaged in the reclamation of uranium tailings, a critical environmental and safety initiative. Ongoing works at four tailings in Aktuz and the planned completion of reclamation works in Kajisai are part of this endeavor.

Additional Developments in the Industry

In line with these developments, Japarov also mentioned that the Kumtor mine operates normally, and a new tyre plant is slated to open in Tokmok in 2024. These advancements further demonstrate the government’s commitment to diversifying and strengthening the mining sector. icon

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