LS Cable Innovates Battery Technology with Copper Flake-Based Foil

LS Cable Innovates Battery Technology with Copper Flake-Based Foil

A Breakthrough in Battery Material

South Korea’s LS Cable has made a significant advancement in battery technology, developing a new copper foil material designed for high-performance batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs). This innovative material is set apart from traditional copper wire-based foils, as it incorporates copper flakes, including scrap copper from cable and wire production processes.

Copper Foils: Key to Battery Efficiency

Copper foils are crucial in battery cells, serving as current collectors and electrode coatings. The creation of these foils requires precise flattening of raw copper into extremely thin sheets. With the rising demand for EVs and renewable energy, the need for efficient and sustainable copper foil production has become more pronounced.

Rising Global Demand for Copper

The demand for copper, driven largely by the EV and renewable energy industries, has seen a consistent increase. Data shows an annual average growth rate of around seven percent in global copper demand, reflecting the metal’s critical role in modern technology.

The Future of Copper Flake-Based Foil

LS Cable anticipates the commercialization of this new copper flake-based foil as early as 2024. The company aims for significant sales growth, leveraging the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of this innovative material. Unlike traditional processes, the new method simplifies production, reducing the number of processing steps and utilizing scrap copper effectively. icon

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