Mid-States Aluminum is acquired by Mayville Engineering Company

Mid-States Aluminum is acquired by Mayville Engineering Company

On July 1, 2023, Mayville Engineering Company, Inc. (NYSE: MEC), commonly known as MEC, successfully finalized the purchase of Mid-States Aluminum (MSA), a privately owned business. MSA, headquartered in Wisconsin, is renowned for its expertise in manufacturing custom aluminum extrusions and fabrications. In addition to its primary offerings, MSA provides valuable services like design, engineering, anodizing, finishing, assembly, and packaging. This acquisition opens up new possibilities for MEC in the field of lightweight materials fabrication and presents opportunities for cross-selling to both current and potential customers.

Jag Reddy, the President and Chief Executive Officer, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating that it is a lucrative addition to MEC’s portfolio. He highlighted the alignment between MEC’s commercial growth strategy and the value creation framework outlined in the MBX. Reddy emphasized the shared commitment to innovation, excellence in performance, and profitable growth demonstrated by MSA. He further mentioned the anticipation of a seamless integration process, characterized by collaboration and a strong focus on delivering exceptional quality, service, and unmatched value to their esteemed customers.

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