Neometals Announces Enhanced Lithium Recovery Techniques for Primobius

Neometals Announces Enhanced Lithium Recovery Techniques for Primobius

Neometals has recently released stellar results concerning lithium recovery processes for their Primobius project. The company revealed a revamped lithium recovery flowsheet that has significantly boosted lithium yields from over 83% to more than 93%.

One of the key advancements includes the hydrometallurgical refinery trials. These trials have successfully produced lithium fluoride with an impressive purity exceeding 95%. This high level of purity not only indicates potential operating and capital cost savings but is also expected to bolster the financial outlook for Primobius Hub plants. Notably, lithium fluoride, an essential component in lithium electrolyte production, has historically traded at a 60% premium compared to lithium carbonate, further emphasizing its economic potential.

These groundbreaking results suggest a promising change in direction for Primobius. The process innovation allows for the precipitation of lithium fluoride with a 95% purity rate. This novel method is set to replace the existing lithium solvent-extraction circuit that produces lithium sulphate. With this shift, both operating and capital expenses are anticipated to decrease, enhancing the overall efficiency and profitability of the venture.

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