Nigeria to Produce Solar Panels and EV Batteries, Announces President Tinubu

Nigeria to Produce Solar Panels and EV Batteries, Announces President Tinubu

Nigeria will begin the production of solar panels and electric vehicle (EV) batteries, according to President Bola Tinubu. During the inauguration of Nigeria’s largest lithium processing plant in Nasarawa State, Tinubu highlighted the growing demand for solar panels in Nigeria and Africa, suggesting that locally processed lithium could be used for EV battery production.

“I do not see why these panels and batteries cannot be produced here. The labour is cheaper. Our youths are vibrant and skilled. Our people are brilliant and adapt to new technology,” Tinubu stated.He also emphasized the country’s economic vibrancy and dependability, citing Nigeria’s consumption capacity and a surplus of talented citizens eager to work and innovate.

The inauguration was attended by Governor Abdullahi Sule and representatives from Chinese companies Avatar New Energy Materials Company and Canmax Technologies. Avatar is part of the ownership group of the new plant, while Canmax has announced a $200 million investment to establish another lithium processing plant in the region.

Tinubu stressed the importance of environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility, urging Chinese firms to prioritize community engagement and sustainable practices.

“We are caring partners. We want your investments to succeed so that you can expand further. Whenever you call on us, we will help you. You can, in mutually beneficial collaboration with us, dominate the solar panel market as part of a revolution in Africa and the West African sub-region,” he said. icon

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