Nornickel Advances Workplace Safety with Exoskeleton Technology

Nornickel Advances Workplace Safety with Exoskeleton Technology

Nornickel is spearheading innovation in workplace safety at its Copper Plant by integrating advanced exoskeleton technology. A recent deployment includes 52 exoskeletons, designed to resemble sports equipment, each weighing approximately two kilograms. These devices have already undergone successful trials in the copper electrolysis shop, marking a significant stride in enhancing employee safety and efficiency.

As one of the pioneers in Russia for adopting exoskeleton technology in industrial operations, Nornickel has expanded the use of these wearable robotic systems beyond the Copper Plant. Successful tests have also been conducted at the Oktyabrsky Mine and the Kola Division, with additional units purchased for five mines in Norilsk.

In collaboration with the Research Institute of Occupational Medicine, Nornickel has further developed the technology by testing heavier exoskeleton models, refining their design, and optimizing operational algorithms based on identified problem areas. These upgraded exoskeletons, which are battery-powered and equipped with video recorders to capture the work process, are set to undergo further testing in Norilsk. The most robust model among them boasts a load capacity of 60 kilograms. icon

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