Nornickel completing last stage of Taimyrsky mine rehaul to extend production capacity, lifespan

Nornickel completing last stage of Taimyrsky mine rehaul to extend production capacity, lifespan

Russian diversified metals producer Nornickel is rehauling its Taimyrsky mine, and the upcoming completion of the Bolshoi Gorst area project is set to increase its production capacity, the company announced.

Nornickel launched the investment project targeting the Bolshoi Gorst area in 2009. The project was divided into five parts, and the final one is nearing completion.

The cost of the fifth start-up complex was 2.2 billion rubles ($28.5 million), Nornickel’s total investments in the project amounted to 4.5 billion rubles. Polar Construction Company is the contractor responsible for tunneling, construction, and installation works.

Why it matters

The Taimyrsky mine is responsible for the largest amount of rich ore production in Nornickel’s Polar Division. Geological data confirms that the Big Gorst area of the Oktyabrsky copper-nickel deposit at Taimyrsky mine has over 8 million tonnes of ore in stock. The ore is unique for its composition, containing nearly all metals mined in the region.

The project is essential in maintaining and possibly increasing the mine’s output until 2040, the company explained.

“At the moment the Polar Division is working on 15 major investment projects, aimed at developing its mines. All of them involve comprehensive modernization and reconstruction of production facilities, stripping of new deposits, and comprehensive mining of all types of ores. These measures will allow us to increase the volume of ore production in the Polar Division with the possibility of a comprehensive project for a very long time — more than 100 years,” Andrey Tsymbalov, the Polar Division’s deputy director for mining operations, said. icon

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