Nornickel Initiates Mining at Record Depth

Nornickel Initiates Mining at Record Depth

Connecting New Depths:

Nornickel has started mining operations at the Glubokaya mine within Skalisty, reaching an unprecedented depth of nearly 2 km. Glubokaya, it should be noted, translates as “Deep” from Russian. The achievement comes after successfully linking two independent vertical shafts: a ventilation shaft and a skip-cage shaft at -1943 meters, a first in Eurasian mining history.

Significant Ore Reserves:

The Glubokaya mine harbors an estimated 60 million tons of rich ore, 20 million tons of cuprous ore, and over 200 million tons of disseminated ore. With the recent infrastructure enhancements, Nornickel gains access to the Oktyabrskoye deposit’s new horizons, which contain an additional 37 million tons of rich ore.

Operational Details:

The endeavor to connect the shafts spanned three years, beginning with the initial blast in December 2019. Precision was crucial, with a final deviation of only 250 mm upon connection.

Future Production Plans: By 2030, Nornickel aims to raise its rich ore production by 45%, potentially reaching up to 3.4 million tons annually.

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