Norsk Hydro Announces New Leadership and Goals

Norsk Hydro Announces New Leadership and Goals

Norwegian aluminum producer Norsk Hydro has announced a reshuffling of its management team, with Eivind Kallevik stepping in as the new CEO. Kallevik’s former role as executive vice president of Hydro Aluminum Metal will now be filled by Hanne Karine Simensen.

Trond Olaf Christophersen, previously acting CFO and executive vice president for corporate development, has been appointed as the permanent CFO. Additionally, Hydro Energy will welcome Kari Ekelund Thørud as its new manager, succeeding Arvid Moss, who departs the role on July 1 after a 16-year tenure.

These leadership changes are set to take effect from July 1, aligning with the company’s strategic focus on renewable energy. Under Kallevik’s direction, Norsk Hydro aims to enhance its efforts in recycling, aluminum profiling, and energy solutions, contributing to the company’s goals for decarbonization by 2030. The updated management team will also feature a gender composition of 55 percent female, highlighting a commitment to diversity within its leadership ranks. icon

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