Norsk Hydro Boosts North Wales Economy with £30M Investment

Norsk Hydro Boosts North Wales Economy with £30M Investment

Economic Surge through Expansion

Norsk Hydro is injecting £30 million into its Wrexham facility, a strategic move that promises 30 new jobs and an ambition to double recycling capacity to over 100,000 tons annually. This substantial investment was unveiled in the context of a broader campaign, advocating for an £80 million Investment Zone encompassing Wrexham and Flintshire, aimed at fostering local industrial growth.

Wayne Clifton, the managing director of Norsk Hydro’s extensive operations in Wrexham, highlighted the investment’s significance. The expansion is poised to elevate their low-carbon aluminium production, responding to growing market demand and reinforcing the sustainability of their operations.

Sustainability and Local Impact

A critical aspect of Norsk Hydro’s strategy revolves around keeping used aluminium scrap, their primary raw material, within the UK and Europe. By enhancing recycling capacities, the firm aims to retain more post-consumer scrap for domestic processing, reducing reliance on international markets.

The project goes beyond direct employment, as Norsk Hydro also sustains substantial sub-contractor engagement. The first stage of this expansion has already entered the bureaucratic channels, with planning applications submitted to Wrexham County Borough Council.

Investment Zone: A Strategic Leap

The push for Investment Zone status, backed by local councils, universities, and business consortia, underscores the region’s appeal for industrial and technological investment. Such a designation could unlock substantial funds, enhancing innovation, infrastructure, and skill development in the area.

Both Clifton and Joanna Swash, a prominent figure in the campaign and Group CEO of Moneypenny, emphasize the transformative impact of achieving Investment Zone status. It’s seen as a catalyst for improving logistical networks, supply chains, workforce proficiency, and overall economic agility, vital in today’s rapidly evolving market landscape.

The initiative by companies like Norsk Hydro signals confidence in North East Wales’ industrial future, potentially inspiring further investments, bolstering the local economy, and enhancing career opportunities for residents.

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