North East Companies Partner to Launch UK’s First Commercial-Scale Lithium Plant

North East Companies Partner to Launch UK’s First Commercial-Scale Lithium Plant

Breakthrough in Domestic Lithium Supply

Northern Lithium and Darlington-based Sheers have joined forces with Evove from the North West, marking a significant advancement in the UK’s green energy sector. This collaboration aims to establish the nation’s first commercial-scale Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) plant in County Durham.

Achieving Industrial-Scale Lithium Production

Following successful battery-grade lithium production at Evove’s UK DLE Test Centre, Northern Lithium is setting its sights on its first production site at Ludwell Farm, Eastgate. The project, scheduled to commence in late 2026 or early 2027, leverages Evove’s advanced DLE technology and Sheers’ process engineering expertise.

Expanding Lithium Production in the North East

Northern Lithium has ambitious plans to produce up to 10,000 tonnes of battery-grade lithium annually within the next decade. This production will be critical in supplying UK gigafactories and the electric vehicle manufacturing industry, bolstering the region’s role in the national energy transition.

Technological Edge of DLE

Evove’s DLE system stands out for its high-efficiency lithium extraction and environmental sustainability. Unlike conventional methods, this innovative process ensures a minimal footprint in terms of energy, water, and chemicals, significantly enhancing economic viability.

Local and National Impact

This project not only promises economic benefits for the North East but also aligns with the UK government’s net zero ambitions by 2050. Nick Pople, Managing Director of Northern Lithium, expressed enthusiasm for this partnership and its potential to position the North East as a crucial lithium supply hub.

Collaborative Efforts

Chris Wyres, CEO of Evove, praised the partnership as a significant development, combining advanced technology and engineering prowess to create a state-of-the-art DLE lithium production plant. Sheers’ Managing Director, Roy Warren, also highlighted the benefits of their modular approach, emphasizing quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. icon

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