Novelis Files for Innovative Patent to Detect Metal Separation in Casting Molds

Novelis Files for Innovative Patent to Detect Metal Separation in Casting Molds

Patent Application for Advanced Detection System

Novelis, a company based in the USA, has filed a patent application for a new system designed to detect metal separation from casting molds. This patent, filed on December 19, 2022, is identified under the application number 202217073473 A and falls within the international classification numbers B22D 11/049, B22D 11/16, B22D 11/18, and B22D 11/20.

The technology, conceptualized by inventors Mccallum John Robert Buster, Wagstaff Robert Bruce, Kosmicki Michael R, and Fenton Wayne J, includes a sophisticated detection system that monitors the casting mold during the metal casting process. This system is composed of a camera, a light source, and a computer system.

The operational mechanism involves placing the camera and light source on opposite sides of the casting mold, with both aimed toward the mold. The computer system then analyzes the data received from the camera to determine if any light is visible between the mold and the metal. If light is detected, it indicates that the metal has pulled away from the mold.

This patent offers a potential solution to detect and address one of the common issues faced during the casting process. The successful implementation of this technology could improve the efficiency and reliability of metal casting operations. icon

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