Novelis Submits Patent Application for Innovative Metal Joiner System

Novelis Submits Patent Application for Innovative Metal Joiner System

Filing of Patent Application

USA-based Novelis has officially filed a patent application for a novel metal joiner system, along with associated methods and products. The patent application, bearing number 202317000543 A, was filed on January 4, 2023.

Inventors and Patent Details

The team of inventors includes Lin Dechao, Zhu Dewei, Son Changook, Haines Kyle, Nazro Louis Mitchell, Keim Doug, Eddie Curtis, Mathur Devesh, and Gaensbauer David Anthony. Their invention focuses on a metal joiner system comprising a power source and a metal joiner with multiple components, such as a cleaning header, a cutting header, a joining header, and a joint finisher.

System Functionality and Methodology

The system is designed to prepare a joining region through directed first laser beams for cleaning and cutting, followed by a second laser beam for forming a joint. The method outlined in the patent includes forming a joining region in abutting metal substrates, directing laser beams in the joint preparation stage, and forming a weld with the second laser beam.

The Product of Metal Joiner

The product of this metal joiner system is a weld, characterized by having portions of weld metal removed at the start and crater regions of the weld. icon

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