Ownership Shift: Gleb Trotsenko Assumes Control of Zhelezny Kryazh Gold Project

Ownership Shift: Gleb Trotsenko Assumes Control of Zhelezny Kryazh Gold Project

Changing Hands in Siberian Goldfields

Roman Trotsenko, the Russian billionaire, has relinquished his controlling stake in Siberian Goldfields, which oversees the Zhelezny Kryazh gold project situated in the Transbaikal Territory. The majority ownership, now lying between 50% and 75%, has been transferred to Gleb Romanovich Trotsenko, identified as one of Roman Trotsenko’s offspring.

Past Ownership Structure

As of September 2021, GeoProMining, under Roman Trotsenko, held a significant 63.73% share in Siberian Goldfields. This information was last made public in GeoProMining’s IFRS financial disclosures. The most recent announcement did not elucidate on the dynamics that led to the shift in ownership between the two enterprises. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that Roman Trotsenko handed over control of consulting firm Start Aero to Gleb Trotsenko in 2022. Start Aero was the conduit through which Roman Trotsenko maintained his stake in GeoProMining.

About GeoProMining

GeoProMining is an umbrella entity that brings together multiple mining assets associated with Trotsenko. This includes ventures into gold and antimony mining within Russia, as well as exploration and extraction of gold, copper, and molybdenum in Armenia. Apart from the Zhelezny Kryazh gold project, GeoProMining also manages the Zangezur copper and molybdenum plant situated in Armenia.

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