Phoenix Copper Initiates 2023 Drilling Program at Navarre Creek Gold Exploration Project in Idaho

Phoenix Copper Initiates 2023 Drilling Program at Navarre Creek Gold Exploration Project in Idaho

Phoenix Copper, a company listed on AIM (Alternative Investment Market), has commenced its 2023 drilling program at the Navarre Creek exploration project situated in Custer County, Idaho.

This new phase of work focuses on gold exploration and is located approximately 5 km west of the company’s copper oxide deposit, the Empire mine. The 2023 Navarre Creek drilling program is set to include up to 60 reverse circulation (RC) drill holes, strategically positioned across 30 drill pads within the Navarre Creek claim block.

The primary objective of the program is to build upon the company’s existing knowledge of the area derived from prior exploration activities. These activities have involved geologic mapping, surface geochemistry, airborne hyperspectral mineral imaging, and geomagnetic ground surveys.

Phoenix Copper’s exploration team has been diligently working on Navarre Creek, and the initial results have been highly promising. The geological traits observed in the area align with characteristics commonly associated with hydrothermal precious metal deposition found in volcanic terrains of the western United States. Furthermore, the presence of hydrothermally altered brecciated sedimentary units has made Navarre Creek a prime target for precious metal exploration. Ryan McDermott, the CEO of Phoenix Copper, expresses enthusiasm for the program and eagerly awaits the assay results.

In 2021, during the field season, Phoenix Copper collaborated with Magee Geophysical Services to conduct total field magnetic measurements, covering approximately 169 line-km of the Navarre Creek project. Additionally, SpecTIR of Reno, Nevada, was engaged to perform an airborne hyperspectral survey of the Navarre Creek area, aiming to identify potential exploration targets that may be concealed by glacial till.

The ground magnetics survey specifically targeted the identification of magnetite and magnetic-bearing minerals, some of which were found in limited outcroppings. The airborne hyperspectral imaging aids in recognizing alteration minerals often associated with the deposition of precious metals.

Phoenix Copper’s 2023 drilling program represents a significant step in advancing the exploration efforts at Navarre Creek and holds promising potential for uncovering valuable gold resources in the region. As the program progresses, the company is eager to share the assay results with stakeholders and the public.

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