Polyus to Begin Construction on Sukhoi Log and Chulbatkan Projects in 2025

Polyus to Begin Construction on Sukhoi Log and Chulbatkan Projects in 2025

Gold mining company Polyus is set to commence construction on two significant greenfield projects, Sukhoi Log in the Irkutsk region and Chulbatkan in the Khabarovsk region, Russia, in 2025. This announcement was made by Anton Rumyantsev, Vice President for Development and Special Projects at Polyus, during the company’s ESG-day.

The Sukhoi Log project, based on a pre-feasibility study conducted in 2020, is expected to have a processing capacity of no less than 30 million tons of ore per year. The project is currently undergoing re-engineering, with pilot ore testing set to begin at the neighboring Verninskaya Mill in the latter half of this year. “We are already engaged in infrastructure construction, preparing the site for the main technological facilities. We anticipate entering full-fledged construction next year and will finalize and announce the technological parameters of this project to the market,” Rumyantsev explained regarding Sukhoi Log’s status.

At Chulbatkan, the processing capacity is projected to be between 8-12 million tons of ore per year, utilizing heap leaching technology. “Similar to Sukhoi Log, we are finalizing the design and expect to start construction next year,” Rumyantsev added. icon

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