Poseidon Nickel Begins New Drilling Phase at Lake Johnston in Australia

Poseidon Nickel Begins New Drilling Phase at Lake Johnston in Australia

Australia’s Poseidon Nickel has kicked off another exploration drilling at Lake Johnston following encouraging results from an earlier effort.

Earlier in the year, the Lake Johnston reconnaissance drilling spanned over a 14km section of the Western Ultramafic Unit (WUU) and yielded promising outcomes, including indicators for potential nickel sulphides. CEO Craig Jones conveyed his optimism regarding the already identified targets.

Previous Drilling Highlights:

The WUU has been mapped along a 17km stretch. Preliminary shallow drills over 14km of this segment revealed significant areas of interest as of May 2023. The primary aim of these drills was to detect signatures related to nickel sulphides and to locate features conducive for nickel sulphide accumulation. Assays from this phase showcased promising results at seven distinct locations: Roundtop, Raggedy Ann, Johnny Turk, Maggie Hays North, Maggie Hays West, Windy Hill, and Jaymee Ruth. Of particular note were the results from Maggie Hays West, which highlighted strong indications of nickel and other associated metals, suggesting potential mineralization zones.

Plans for Upcoming Drilling:

The current drill program is divided chiefly into two segments. The Maggie Hays West strategy includes 18 supplementary shallow holes, with an ensuing 7 deeper reverse circulation (RC) holes. The other six regions identified on the WUU are slated for an additional 7 RC holes. The immediate focus for Maggie Hays West is to gain a deeper understanding of the foundational geological formations. Following this, the emphasis will transition to more intensive drilling to acquire detailed data about the rock structures. For the six other regional prospects, the RC drilling will delve deeper into the anomalies detected in the initial drill stage.

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