Protesters Attack Workers at Cobre Panama Mine

Protesters Attack Workers at Cobre Panama Mine

An altercation at the Cobre Panama mine, operated by First Quantum, resulted in injuries to several mine workers, according to union leader Michael Camacho of the Utramipa union.

Violent Incident and Aftermath

The conflict escalated when a group of protesters, traveling in a pickup truck, hurled stones at buses transporting mine employees. The incident led to one bus stopping and its passengers evacuating, while the driver was reportedly detained by protesters. Camacho mentioned he was unaware of the full extent of the workers’ injuries.

Union Calls for Worker Protection

Utramipa union is advocating for increased safety measures for its members amid ongoing demonstrations. The protests, aimed at shutting down the mine, have already impacted operations by blocking essential supplies.

Legal Challenges Against the Mine

The Supreme Court of Panama is currently reviewing legal challenges against the Cobre Panama mine. The cases allege that the mine’s operating contract violates the constitution. This judicial review adds a layer of complexity to the situation, affecting not only the mine’s future but also the broader context of mining operations in the region. icon

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