QC Copper and Gold Announces Positive Metallurgical Results from Roger Property

QC Copper and Gold Announces Positive Metallurgical Results from Roger Property

QC Copper and Gold (TSXV: QCCU) has released metallurgical findings from samples obtained at its Roger property, situated approximately 5 km north of the historical mining center of Chibougamau, Quebec.

The purpose of the metallurgical sampling at the Roger deposit was to assess whether the material at Roger could be effectively processed using the same flowsheet currently being evaluated for the company’s Opemiska open pit mine project. The initial results have been favorable, indicating potential synergies in processing methods.

Moreover, the analysis revealed a notable presence of gold, with up to 87.3% of grains showing gold exposure in the two samples. Furthermore, free gold accounted for 96.8% and 83% in the respective samples.

Preliminary assessments suggest the possibility of incorporating approximately 17.5 million tonnes of mineralized material from the Roger deposit into Opemiska’s open pit development strategy. The feasibility of this integration will depend on various factors such as the cut-off grade, average grade, metal prices, and transportation costs. However, QC Copper and Gold believes that these metallurgical studies offer promising indications for such integration.

The metallurgical results underscore the potential compatibility of Roger’s gold-copper mineralization with the flotation processing methods used at Opemiska. This suggests the potential for the integration of the Roger deposit, as well as the company’s Cook and Robitaille projects, into Opemiska’s overall development strategy.

Opemiska’s mineral resource is currently pit constrained and encompasses over 1.17 billion pounds of copper and 816,000 ounces of gold in the measured and indicated classification. Additionally, there are 239.8 million pounds of copper and 209,000 ounces of gold inferred. These resources are distributed across various grades and classifications, making Opemiska a significant asset within QC Copper and Gold’s portfolio.

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