Request to Include Aluminium in the Strategic Raw Materials List Gains Traction

Request to Include Aluminium in the Strategic Raw Materials List Gains Traction

A coalition comprising producers of raw materials, clean technology, defense, and aerospace manufacturers has appealed to policymakers, urging them to consider adding aluminium to the Strategic Raw Materials list, as outlined in the Critical Raw Materials Act. This request underscores growing apprehensions about the stability of the global raw materials supply chain.

Recent challenges, such as the difficulties in maintaining magnesium supplies and potential export restrictions on metals like gallium and germanium, have underscored the fragility of the current metals supply chain. Experts are increasingly concerned that aluminium could face similar issues, a matter of considerable significance given the rising global demand for the metal.

The demand for aluminium continues to surge due to its pivotal role in an array of products and technologies, including electric vehicles, solar panels, and defense technologies. If the availability of aluminium becomes precarious, these industries and more could encounter significant obstacles. Adding to the concern is the fact that a substantial portion of global aluminium production is not in open market economies but is controlled by governments that allocate resources.

“As negotiations progress, we urge policymakers to formally acknowledge the strategic importance of aluminium, a recognition already noted by the European Commission in its impact assessment accompanying the CRM proposal, as well as in various supporting studies,” the coalition emphasizes.

The group underscores the need for the European Union to adopt a multifaceted approach to aluminium production, one that ensures a stable supply while also minimizing environmental impact. The European Commission has previously highlighted the significance of aluminium, emphasizing that local production or recycling of aluminium with reduced CO2 emissions represents a positive step forward.

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