Rio Tinto Advised to Acquire Lithium Assets Amid Market Dip

Rio Tinto Advised to Acquire Lithium Assets Amid Market Dip

Current Market Scenario and Rio Tinto’s Strategy

In the midst of declining lithium prices and increasing supply, Berenberg analysts suggest that Rio Tinto should capitalize on the current market conditions to acquire lithium assets. Lithium, crucial for electric vehicle batteries and energy storage systems, has been the poorest performing commodity in 2023. Despite this, Rio Tinto sees lithium as a key element for its long-term growth.

Opportunistic Acquisitions Recommended

The analysts emphasize that the present lower valuations in the lithium sector present Rio Tinto with opportune moments for mergers and acquisitions. They believe that Rio Tinto should act now to secure lithium assets while the market is subdued, thereby creating long-term value.

North American Market as a Focal Point

Berenberg analysts identify North America as the prime region for Rio Tinto’s potential acquisitions. They specifically mention a de-rated lithium major like Albemarle as an optimal choice for Rio Tinto, given the current market dynamics.

Share Price Movements

Following these insights, Rio Tinto’s shares have seen a slight decline, dropping 0.5% to 5,476 pence. This shift reflects the market’s response to both the analyst recommendations and the broader conditions in the lithium market. icon

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