Rio Tinto Aligns with China’s ‘Dual-Carbon’ Initiative

Rio Tinto Aligns with China’s ‘Dual-Carbon’ Initiative

Pursuing Low-Carbon Technology in Mining

Rio Tinto, a global mining group, has revealed its participation in China’s transition to a low-carbon economy, highlighting its exploration of innovative technologies during the 6th China International Import Expo.

Strategic Partnerships and Technology Focus

The company has been deepening its engagement with the Chinese market, evidenced by a memorandum of cooperation ensuring its involvement in the Expo from 2024 to 2028. Beyond its established trade in minerals such as copper and bauxite, Rio Tinto is actively developing technology to support China’s “dual carbon” goals.

New Horizons in Mineral Processing

Rio Tinto introduced its BioIron Rio Tinto Biomass Ironmaking technology at this year’s Expo. This low-carbon solution utilizes biomass, including agricultural by-products, in place of coking coal to produce metallic iron, aiming to significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with traditional ironmaking processes. Early tests have shown promise, leading to the design of a larger-scale continuous pilot plant.

Commitment to Carbon Reduction Targets

The company has set ambitious targets to reduce its Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, with a vision of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. This commitment extends to its innovative projects, such as ELYSIS, a breakthrough electrolytic aluminum technology, and BlueSmelting, which focuses on reducing the carbon footprint in titanium dioxide production.

Collaboration for Sustainable Development

Furthermore, Rio Tinto has engaged in collaborative efforts with several Chinese companies and academic institutions to explore sustainable practices in iron and steel production. These initiatives form part of a broader strategy to align mineral extraction and processing operations with environmental goals, acknowledging the increased challenges that green development poses to the mining sector.

In conclusion, while maintaining its position in traditional mining operations, Rio Tinto is navigating the path towards a greener future by investing in technology and partnerships geared towards a low-carbon economy.

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