Rio Tinto and Aymium Collaborate on Biocarbon Product Development

Rio Tinto and Aymium Collaborate on Biocarbon Product Development

Trial of Renewable Biocarbon in Industrial Processes

Rio Tinto has partnered with Aymium to develop a renewable biocarbon product, intended as a sustainable alternative to reduce emissions in large-scale industrial processes. The product has been trialed successfully, replacing anthracite in ilmenite smelting at Rio Tinto’s Sorel-Tracy complex, known for producing high-grade titanium dioxide feedstock, as well as specialized iron and steel.

Further Investment and Emission Reduction Goals

Following an initial investment in Aymium in 2022, Rio Tinto has made an additional equity investment to support the continued development of this renewable resource. This investment aligns with Rio Tinto’s strategy to meet its 2030 emission reduction targets and to foster lower carbon supply chains. The partnership will explore options for large-scale production of the biocarbon product.

Comments from Company Executives

Sinead Kaufman, Rio Tinto Minerals Chief Executive, expressed optimism about the potential of the biocarbon product as a low carbon alternative for their processes. James Mennell, CEO of Aymium, emphasized the investment’s role in advancing their mission to replace fossil fuels and minimize environmental impact.

Investment Application and Aymium’s Focus

The funds from Rio Tinto’s investment will support the construction of new production facilities for Aymium in North America and aid their Research and Development initiatives.

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