Rio Tinto Eyes Major Stake in Charger Metals’ Lake Johnston Lithium Project

Rio Tinto Eyes Major Stake in Charger Metals’ Lake Johnston Lithium Project

Initial Investments and Farm-In Terms

Rio Tinto has entered into a farm-in agreement with Charger Metals for the Lake Johnston lithium project in Western Australia’s Goldfields. Rio will initially invest $1.7 million, comprising a $500,000 payment and $1.2 million in preliminary exploration funding. To earn a 51% stake, Rio Tinto must contribute $10 million towards exploration and an additional $1.5 million in cash. To further increase its interest to 75%, Rio Tinto is obligated to fund $40 million in exploration activities and complete a definitive feasibility study.

Charger Metals’ Acquisition and Shareholder Approval

Concurrently, Charger Metals has agreed to acquire Lithium Australia’s 30% interest in the Lake Johnston project for $2 million, subject to shareholder approval. Upon completion, Charger will hold full ownership of the asset. Lithium Australia will maintain a right of first refusal for up to 30% of lithium output from the project for future lithium ferro phosphate production.

Market and Industry Implications

Adrian Griffin, Chairman of Charger Metals, highlighted the potential transformation of the Lake Johnston Greenstone belt into a significant lithium province, thanks to multiple spodumene discoveries and increased exploration activities. Simon Linge, Managing Director of Lithium Australia, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership between Rio Tinto and Charger Metals, citing benefits for all involved parties. Post-announcement, Charger Metals’ share price experienced a 27.6% drop, trading at 27.5 cents.

Outlook for Charger Metals and Rio Tinto

This agreement signifies a strategic move for Rio Tinto in expanding its footprint in the lithium sector, aligning with the growing demand for battery materials. Charger Metals stands to benefit from Rio Tinto’s investment and expertise, enhancing the project’s development prospects and contributing to the emerging lithium market in the Goldfields region.

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