Royal Decree Amendment: Boost for Wind Energy Projects Lacking Permits

Royal Decree Amendment: Boost for Wind Energy Projects Lacking Permits

New Regulatory Amendment Published

The Official State Gazette has officially published an amendment to the Royal Decree regulating renewable facilities’ network access and connection rights. This critical update introduces a new scoring system favoring projects that, despite lacking necessary permits, have received a favorable environmental impact statement (EIS).

Implications for Lugo’s Wind Farms

This amendment directly impacts five wind farms in the province of Lugo, specifically Borrasca, Ventisca, Levante, Boura, and Monzón. These farms, designated to supply clean energy to Alcoa San Cibrao’s aluminum plant in Cervo (Lugo), previously faced hurdles due to the lack of timely processing of their permits, despite their positive EIS.

Details of the Regulatory Change

The change, detailed in Article 19.1.d of the Royal Decree, specifies that an “additional score will be awarded to those projects that have a favorable environmental impact statement and do not have access and connection permits.” This pivotal amendment is part of the broader initiative to promote orderly electricity demand.

Expected Impact and Timeline

With the new regulatory framework, the affected wind farms in Lugo are now positioned to begin supplying energy to the Alcoa plant as early as the first quarter of 2024. This development is expected to enhance the economic viability of the factory significantly. icon

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