SAMI and EnPot Collaborate to Enhance Energy Efficiency in Aluminum Smelters

SAMI and EnPot Collaborate to Enhance Energy Efficiency in Aluminum Smelters

Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Engineering and Research Institute Co. Ltd. (SAMI) and EnPot Ltd, a New Zealand-based company, have signed an Intention to Cooperate Agreement in a ceremony held in Beijing, attended by New Zealand’s Prime Minister Chris Hipkins. The agreement reflects the shared vision of both companies to explore the application of EnPot’s patented deep modulation technology in conjunction with SAMI’s renowned patented pot technology for aluminum smelters.

EnPot CEO, Ms. Karyna Young, highlighted that their technology enables smelters to optimize their energy consumption by up to 30%, allowing them to take advantage of renewable electricity sources. This is particularly significant for aluminum smelters, which tend to have high emissions when powered by fossil fuels. With SAMI’s dominant position as a leading provider of aluminum reduction technology, holding over 80% market share in China, they are seen as the perfect partner for EnPot to enter this important market.

SAMI’s Deputy President, Mr. Liu Yi, expressed their commitment to the development of China’s aluminum industry and emphasized that through this agreement, they hope to conduct trials focused on reducing emissions from pots in China.

The combination of EnPot’s innovative technology and SAMI’s expertise in aluminum reduction could have a substantial impact on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by facilitating the adoption of greener energy sources in energy grids at a faster pace.

The cooperation between SAMI and EnPot marks a significant step toward enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability in the aluminum industry. By leveraging their respective technologies and capabilities, they aim to contribute to the reduction of emissions and the transition to cleaner energy sources in aluminum smelting operations.

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