Sigma Lithium Completes First Shipment of Green Lithium from Tailings-Dam-Free Mine

Sigma Lithium Completes First Shipment of Green Lithium from Tailings-Dam-Free Mine

Sigma Lithium has achieved a significant milestone with the completion of its first shipment of battery-grade lithium from the Grota do Cirilo lithium mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The shipment consists of 15,000 tons of high-purity lithium concentrate and an equal amount of by-products from the operation, which will be refined to become lithium concentrate as well.

Produced at the Greentech plant, Sigma Lithium’s lithium project is distinguished as the world’s first without a tailings dam. As part of an offtake agreement with China’s Yahua, the company sells its high-purity tailings, grading around 1.3% lithium oxide, as a valuable byproduct for further processing. The remaining tailings are dry-stacked, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly waste management approach.

By employing a fully dry-stacked tailings system and avoiding the use of hazardous chemical products during lithium processing, Sigma Lithium successfully achieved a net zero carbon footprint for this year. To further offset its emissions, the company purchased 59,000 tonnes of carbon credits from Carbonext.

Sigma Lithium’s commitment to sustainable practices extends to its pricing strategy. The company obtained premium pricing, calculated at 9% of the lithium hydroxide price benchmark in China, Japan, and South Korea, for both Triple Zero Green Lithium and Triple Zero Green By-Products.

In the calendar year 2023, Sigma expects to produce approximately 130,000 tonnes of battery-grade lithium concentrate as it ramps up to full-scale Phase 1 production.

Furthermore, the company plans to reach full production capacity for Phase 2 & 3 in 2024, positioning itself as one of the world’s largest lithium producers. With its innovative and eco-conscious approach to lithium mining and production, Sigma Lithium continues to make strides in the sustainable lithium market.

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