Sigma Lithium Secures 50% Prepayment for Lithium Shipment to Glencore

Sigma Lithium Secures 50% Prepayment for Lithium Shipment to Glencore

Prepayment Details

Sigma Lithium recently confirmed receipt of a 50% prepayment from Glencore for their upcoming third shipment of Triple Zero Green Lithium, amounting to 20,000 tons. This prepayment notably includes a 9% premium pricing, tied to the provisional price of lithium hydroxide at the LME.

Distribution Agreement

This transaction is part of an existing commercial distribution and marketing arrangement between the two companies.

Additional Financial Support

Beyond the prepayment from Glencore, Sigma Lithium also has the option to access green credit lines for trade finance from both Santander and XP. These can be utilized upon the delivery of their Triple Zero Green Lithium to the Vitoria Port warehouses, which are operated by Multilift. In the Brazilian context, ACC/ ACEs represent typical trade finance solutions extended by commercial banks to exporters, especially when these exporters work with reputable counterparties. In this particular transaction, Glencore plays the role of the reliable counterparty for Sigma Lithium’s third shipment.

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