SM BEXEL Launches Mass Production of Micro Lithium Ampoule Military Batteries

SM BEXEL Launches Mass Production of Micro Lithium Ampoule Military Batteries

Strategic Advancement in Military Technology

SM BEXEL, a subsidiary of South Korea’s prominent SM Group, has initiated the mass production of micro lithium ampoule military batteries. This development marks a significant leap in military battery technology, positioning SM BEXEL at the forefront of this specialized sector.

Investment and Production Capacity

The company invested around 7 billion won ($5.4 million) in March 2023 to set up a dedicated facility for military battery production. With an annual capacity of 2.5 million cells, this facility is geared to meet the growing demand for advanced military power solutions.

Integrating into Military Systems

Starting January 2024, these ultra-small batteries will be integrated into the 230mm-class multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS). These batteries are designed to ensure operational efficacy by triggering a self-destruct sequence in the event of ammunition failure to detonate. This feature is crucial in minimizing unexploded ordnance risks.

Enhancing Safety and Reducing Collateral Damage

CEO Choi Se-hwan emphasized the significance of these military lithium ampoule batteries in reducing the loss of ammunition and preventing secondary damage to soldiers and civilians. This innovative technology aims to minimize the risk associated with unexploded ordnance, thereby enhancing the safety and reliability of military operations. icon

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