South Africa’s Platinum Pivoting the Green Hydrogen Evolution

South Africa’s Platinum Pivoting the Green Hydrogen Evolution

South Africa, holding approximately 80% of the world’s platinum group metals, is uniquely positioned in the green hydrogen revolution. Platinum, essential for hydrogen-producing electrolyzers, underscores the nation’s pivotal role.

The government has unveiled a ZAR 270bn (US$17.8bn) plan to drive green hydrogen projects over a decade. With an aim for both domestic use and export, it’s supported by over 100 GW of renewables and 60 GW of electrolyser capacity.

South Africa’s involvement in the Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance emphasizes its continental leadership aspiration. International collaborations, like the South African German Hydrogen Task Force and SA-H2 initiative, bolster its global stance.

Major entities, Sasol and Omnia Group, spearhead private sector contributions. Sasol has multiple green hydrogen initiatives, including partnerships with ArcelorMittal and Japan’s ITOCHU. Meanwhile, Omnia is exploring green ammonia production, further highlighting the metal’s importance.

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