Standard Lithium Reports Progress in Lithium Extraction Process

Standard Lithium Reports Progress in Lithium Extraction Process

Operational Results from El Dorado Plant

Standard Lithium Ltd. has shared results from its Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) process conducted at the El Dorado Demonstration Plant in Arkansas. This plant, operational since May 2020, represents a large-scale, continuous DLE operation in North America. It has processed over 58 million liters of Smackover brine. Key performance indicators include a lithium recovery efficiency of 96.1% and a rejection rate of over 99% for major contaminants such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Technical Developments and Product Refinement

The LiPRO™ LSS (DLE) process, developed in partnership with Koch Technology Solutions, has led to the production of an Intermediate Product with a high lithium concentration. This product has been successfully converted into lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide suitable for battery production.

Towards Commercial-Scale Operations and Sustainability

The extended operation of the Demonstration Plant provides insights into the scalability of the DLE process. Standard Lithium’s approach emphasizes the importance of long-term, continuous processing for understanding and replicating commercial-scale operations. These findings are significant for the development of lithium extraction technology, focusing on efficiency and scalability.

Overall, Standard Lithium’s advancements in the DLE process contribute to the broader lithium industry, especially in the context of increasing demand for lithium in battery production and other industries.

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