STX Buys 20% Stake in Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Manufacturer IBT

STX Buys 20% Stake in Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Manufacturer IBT

Acquisition Details of STX and IBT Partnership

STX Corp., a South Korean general trading company, has officially acquired a 20% stake in International Battery Technology Co. (IBT), a firm specializing in lithium iron phosphate batteries and energy storage system (ESS) battery packs. This development follows STX’s board meeting in Seoul, where the decision for the equity stake acquisition was ratified.

IBT’s Battery Production Expertise

IBT is recognized for its expertise in producing lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are critical in various sectors, including defense. The company’s notable achievements include the development of nickel-cadmium battery cells used in helicopters, fighter jets, trains, and other applications.

STX’s Role and Strategic Goals

STX brings to the partnership its competencies in developing and supplying battery systems, particularly for maritime propulsion. By leveraging its international network and its supply chain for secondary battery core materials, STX aims to enhance its collaboration with IBT. This partnership is expected to boost both companies’ business synergy, focusing on strengthening raw material procurement and expanding their global market presence. icon

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