Talum Embarks on Green Transformation with Smart Factory Initiative

Talum Embarks on Green Transformation with Smart Factory Initiative

Investing in a Sustainable Future

Aluminum producer Talum is set to establish a smart factory dedicated to slugs and discs, signaling a major step in its commitment to environmental sustainability. This initiative, part of the Kidričevo-based firm’s broader green transformation strategy, involves an investment of EUR 38 million.

Financial Backing by NKBM

The NKBM bank has announced its intention to support Talum’s project through a strategic loan. The specifics of the loan amount remain undisclosed. This collaboration aligns with the bank’s dedication to fostering environmental responsibility and societal welfare, emphasizing its role in enabling clients to secure funding for eco-friendly projects more conveniently.

A Shift in Production Dynamics

Talum has recently navigated away from its traditional focus on energy-consuming primary aluminum production, a move prompted by escalating electricity costs. The closure in April marked the end of an era, steering the company towards more sustainable aluminum processing practices.

Economic and Environmental Impacts

Affiliated with Hungary’s OTP Group, NKBM highlights that the new venture is expected to generate 100 new jobs and reinforce Talum’s leading position in the global slugs and discs industry. This development comes as Talum intensifies its focus on high-value-added sectors within aluminum processing, notably following the discontinuation of its near six-decade-long primary aluminum production.

Advancing Towards Industry 4.0

The transformation encompasses significant upgrades in the recycling of aluminum waste and the enhancement of production lines under the “Talum Industry 4.0 – Green and Smart Transformation” banner. These advancements will not only support the company’s eco-friendly transition but also enable the production of new wares utilizing recycled aluminum, underscoring Talum’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the industry.

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