TerraVolta Advances Lithium Production in Smackover Formation with EMG Investment

TerraVolta Advances Lithium Production in Smackover Formation with EMG Investment

TerraVolta Resources, a leading U.S. critical minerals exploration and production company, has announced significant progress in its flagship lithium project in the Smackover formation across Texas and Arkansas. In early 2023, The Energy & Minerals Group (EMG), a major global private investor in natural resources, made a substantial equity commitment to TerraVolta, making it the majority owner. This investment has accelerated TerraVolta’s journey towards becoming a premier U.S.-based lithium producer, securing a strategic position in the Smackover Formation. The drilling of a successful appraisal and supply well has further validated TerraVolta’s high-quality resource and industry-leading lithium concentrations.

Founded in 2022 by former energy and technology sector executives, TerraVolta is based in Houston, Texas. The company’s mission is to lead in the domestic production of lithium and other critical minerals using advanced technology and sustainable practices. TerraVolta’s leadership team includes Jamie Liang (President and CEO), Ross Tomson (Chief Technology Officer), and Nicholas Muscara (VP, Land and Business Development). TerraVolta was one of the first companies to enter the Smackover formation, which extends from Texas to Florida and is one of the most significant lithium resources globally.

Jamie Liang expressed enthusiasm about the company’s resource position and EMG’s significant investment, highlighting the advanced subsurface analysis that identified the Smackover formation as a prime location for lithium and other critical minerals. Liang emphasized the importance of the successful drilling and completion of the brine supply well, which validates the resource quality and moves the company closer to commercial production. TerraVolta aims to enhance the U.S. battery supply chain and reduce reliance on foreign lithium sources. icon

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