Tianqi Lithium Advances in Lithium Carbonate Production with Suining Anju Plant

Tianqi Lithium Advances in Lithium Carbonate Production with Suining Anju Plant

Major Progress in Lithium Production

Tianqi Lithium, one of China’s leading lithium industry giants, has recently announced a significant advancement in its lithium carbonate production capabilities. The company’s Suining Anju lithium carbonate plant has successfully completed its trial operation, marking a major step forward in expanding its production capacity.

Investment and Production Capacity

The Suining Anju base represents a substantial investment by Tianqi Lithium, totaling 1.5 billion yuan for the first phase, which includes a lithium carbonate production line with an annual capacity of 20,000 metric tons (mt). The second phase of the project involves an additional investment of 1 billion yuan for a lithium chloride line with a capacity of 23,000 mt.

Successful Trial and Product Quality

The first phase of the Suining Anju project, which involved construction and equipment installation, was completed mid-year and began trial operations on October 26th. After extensive testing and verification, the battery-grade lithium carbonate produced by the plant has successfully passed internal inspections. On December 21st, it was confirmed that the product meets all standards for battery-grade lithium carbonate, a crucial component in electric vehicle batteries.

Impact on Capacity and Market Share

With the gradual capacity ramp-up at its Suining Anju base, Tianqi Lithium’s total lithium carbonate capacity is set to expand to 54,500 mt. This increase in production capacity is expected to significantly boost Tianqi Lithium’s profits and market share, reinforcing its position as a key player in the global lithium market. icon

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