Tsingnen’s Electrolyzed Water Business Gains Strategic Investment from Anglo American

Tsingnen’s Electrolyzed Water Business Gains Strategic Investment from Anglo American

Investment and Collaboration

HET Hydrogen, a subsidiary of CINIC, has received strategic investment from Anglo American, a globally recognized leader in the mining industry. This partnership marks a significant step in the advancement of hydrogen production from electrolytic water, aimed at supporting decarbonization efforts in the transportation, chemical, and steel industries.

Technological Advancements and Commercialization

Leveraging Tsingnen’s expertise in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology and the capital and technological support from Anglo American, HET is poised to commercialize a megawatt-scale electrolysis system. The collaboration will focus on optimizing the use of platinum group metals, crucial for the large-scale deployment of PEM electrolysis equipment, and enhancing the transformation of PEM electrolysis technology.

Tsingnen’s Industry Leadership

Tsingnen has established itself as a leader in the field of small-scale PEM fuel cells and high-performance fuel cells for automotive applications. The company now offers a comprehensive range of integrated hydrogen energy equipment, including fuel cell stacks, membrane electrodes, bipolar plates, and hydrogen cycle systems. Tsingnen’s latest generation fuel cell stack delivers a rated output power of 250kW and a power density of 4.7kW/L, positioning it at the forefront of the industry.

PEM Electrolysis Equipment Development

Building on two decades of PEM material and product development, Tsingnen has shipped thousands of small electrolysis units since 2008. The company is well-prepared for the rapid development, production, and delivery of advanced PEM electrolysis equipment. HET is set to commence commercial operation of its 1 MW electrolysis system shortly, with components also applicable to a 5 MW system scheduled for deployment starting in 2024.

Certification and Global Market Expansion

HET’s 1 MW electrolysis system is currently undergoing certification processes, including ISO-22734 and CE certifications (covering PED, MD, EMC, ATEX, etc.). Achieving these certifications will be a pivotal step in HET’s global market expansion. The electrolysis equipment utilizes Zhenneng’s proprietary core materials and systems, offering high-performance, cost-effective, and modular green hydrogen solutions to customers worldwide. icon

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