Turkey Set to Join Top 5 Global Rare Earth Producers

Turkey Set to Join Top 5 Global Rare Earth Producers

Eskişehir Facility to Elevate Turkey’s Mining Industry

Turkey is poised to become a leading producer of rare earth elements with the completion of its industrial facility in Eskişehir, as stated by Energy and Natural Resources Minister Alparslan Bayraktar. This development positions Turkey among the top five global producers, marking a significant leap in the mining sector.

Rare Earth Reserves Discovery and Production Goals

The discovery of the world’s second-largest rare earth element reserve in Beylikova, Eskişehir, in 2022, underscored Turkey’s potential in the sector. With an estimated 690 million tons of rare earth ores, the site forms the backbone of Turkey’s ambitious mining goals. The transition from a pilot plant, inaugurated by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to a full-scale industrial facility is a critical step in this journey.

Capacity and Production Targets

The industrial facility’s initial phase will process 1,200 tons of ores. Subsequent expansions, based on preliminary assessments, aim for an annual processing capacity of 570,000 tons of ores and 10,000 tons of rare earth oxide. This scaling up of operations is indicative of Turkey’s commitment to not only bolstering its mining capabilities but also emerging as a net exporter in this field. icon

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