Umicore Seeks to Establish Battery Component Factory in El Musel

Umicore Seeks to Establish Battery Component Factory in El Musel

Competition Opens for Land Allocation

El Musel is set to potentially host a new factory by the Belgian company Umicore, specializing in the production of electric car battery components. The Port Authority of Gijón has opened a one-month period for bids on two plots, totaling 455,141 square meters, earmarked for this project.

Two Strategic Plots Identified

Umicore’s request includes two specific areas: one near the regasification plant and Romualdo Alvargonzález Quay, and another at the North Quay. The latter will not be entirely occupied by Umicore, allowing for the simultaneous development of the Zima Group’s floating offshore wind turbine base project.

Project Features and Connectivity

Key aspects of Umicore’s proposal include access to a duque de alba (a docking pontoon) and a land connection with Aboño under Campa Torres. While the exact use of these connections is not fully disclosed, it is suggested they might support the shipment of intermediate battery products.

Bid Submission and Evaluation Process

Other companies have until 1 p.m. on January 14 to submit competing bids for the same land. If no competitors emerge, the Port Authority will proceed with Umicore’s concession. Details about Umicore’s intended land use duration, construction plans, and investment in Gijón remain undisclosed.

Umicore’s Wider Industry Footprint

This development is a segment of Umicore’s global strategy, which includes recent ventures like a cathode manufacturing plant in Canada and the first gigafactory for electric vehicle materials in Nysa, Poland. Additionally, Umicore and PowerCo’s joint venture in Sagunto signifies their growing influence in the European battery manufacturing sector. icon

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