Unicorn Mineral Resources Expands Exploration Strategy to Include Africa

Unicorn Mineral Resources Expands Exploration Strategy to Include Africa

Unicorn Mineral Resources, a prominent mineral exploration and development entity focusing on zinc, lead, copper, and silver in Ireland, has announced an ambitious expansion of its exploration strategy to include East and Southern Africa. This strategic decision, backed unanimously by the Board of Directors, comes following a proposal from Executive Director Jason Brewer, who joined the company in December 2023. Brewer’s extensive experience and connections within the mining sector, particularly in Africa, are set to open new avenues for Unicorn Mineral Resources to grow its portfolio of mineral rights and licenses.

The company will continue its exploration activities at the Kilmallock and Lisheen Projects within the Irish Midlands Orefield. However, it will also begin initial technical and legal due diligence on several high-value base metal exploration and development projects located in East and Southern Africa. These projects are being considered for their potential to rapidly advance from exploration to production stages, promising significant returns and value addition for shareholders.

Patrick Doherty, the Chairman of Unicorn Mineral Resources, expressed enthusiasm about the new direction, noting the similarities in base metal mineralization between the company’s Irish projects and those in East and Southern Africa. Doherty is confident in the company’s capability to assess and advance these projects towards production, leveraging Brewer’s expertise and insights into the African mining landscape. icon

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