United Lithium Reveals New Findings at Bergby Lithium Project

United Lithium Reveals New Findings at Bergby Lithium Project

Notable Discoveries and Drilling Progress

United Lithium Corp. has shared initial results from its 2023 drilling program at the Bergby Lithium Project in Sweden. The program’s recent phase resulted in identifying two new pegmatite bodies, expanding the total number of identified pegmatites at the site to five. The project spans 10,828 hectares and is situated in a region known for lithium-cesium-tantalum (LCT) type granitic pegmatites. Key findings from the drilling include several high-grade lithium oxide (Li2O) intercepts, with notable results such as 1.92% Li2O over 26.80 meters and 1.54% Li2O over 28.01 meters. Additionally, a sixth pegmatite body has been located but not yet drilled. These promising outcomes have led to an extension of the drilling program from 4,000 meters to 6,000 meters.

Future Exploration Plans

United Lithium’s successful exploration has prompted continued drilling and examination of new pegmatite outcrops. With much of the project area still unexplored, there’s a significant opportunity for more discoveries. President and CEO Scott Eldridge expressed optimism about the potential for further findings. Cathy Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President Exploration, highlighted the importance of the recent discoveries and the team’s expansion to support the extended drilling program.

Strategic Implications

The Bergby Lithium Project’s advancements are timely, considering the European Union’s focus on developing its electric vehicle (EV) and battery industries, as well as establishing independent battery metals supply chains.

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