Vale Indonesia’s Nickel Production Expected to Remain Steady in 2023

Vale Indonesia’s Nickel Production Expected to Remain Steady in 2023

Factors Influencing Production Stability

Vale Indonesia (INCO) anticipates its nickel matte production to remain consistent at 70,000 tons for the next year, mirroring this year’s estimated production. Bernardus Irmanto, the Chief Financial Officer of Vale Indonesia, attributes this steady production level to two primary factors.

Firstly, an increase in the maintenance schedule for mining equipment will affect the availability of production tools. Secondly, the nickel grade in the mining area plays a significant role in determining the output, influencing the overall production volume.

Prospects for Increased Production in Future

Despite the expected stagnation in production levels for the upcoming year, INCO is actively working to enhance its operational efficiency. Efforts are underway to optimize equipment maintenance and increase the utilization rate, aiming to extract higher-grade nickel ore for improved output.

Production Performance and Targets

INCO is on track to meet its annual production target for the current year, with an estimated output of 70,000 tons of nickel in matte. As of the end of September 2023, the company has already produced 51,644 tons, marking a 17.6% increase from the same period last year. The third quarter of 2023 alone saw a production of 17,953 tons, demonstrating a successful rebound in furnace 4’s performance post-rebuilding last year.

Outlook and Expectations

While INCO’s production for the next year is projected to maintain current levels, the company’s efforts in enhancing equipment efficiency and sourcing better grade nickel ore indicate potential for future growth in production. As Vale Indonesia continues to navigate operational challenges, its strategic approach aims to bolster production capabilities in the coming years. icon

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