Vedanta Aluminium Starts Domestic Low-Carbon Aluminium Supply

Vedanta Aluminium Starts Domestic Low-Carbon Aluminium Supply

New Supply of Eco-Friendly Aluminium

Vedanta Aluminium has begun its domestic distribution of Restora, a low-carbon aluminium product. The first shipment, consisting of 300 metric tonnes of Restora Billets, was sent to Global Aluminium Pvt Ltd in Telangana.

Features of Restora

Restora is produced using renewable energy, leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions. The product’s emission intensity is within four tonnes of CO2 equivalent per tonne of aluminium, aligning with international low-carbon standards. Additionally, Restora Ultra, derived from aluminium recovered from smelting byproducts, offers an even lower carbon footprint.

Company’s Environmental Goals

Vedanta Aluminium’s CEO, John Slaven, highlighted the company’s focus on environmental sustainability. This move towards low-carbon aluminium products reflects Vedanta Aluminium’s strategy to align with global eco-friendly practices and cater to the growing demand for sustainable materials in the industry.

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