Volkswagen’s Polish Gigafactory Moves Forward, Czech Plans Still On

Volkswagen’s Polish Gigafactory Moves Forward, Czech Plans Still On

Battery Production in Poland

Volkswagen has confirmed its plans to start producing battery components for its electric vehicles in Poland. This development, however, doesn’t halt the ongoing preparations for a potential gigafactory in Liny, near Pilsen, Czech Republic. According to Vojtěch Srnka, spokesperson for the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the two ventures are distinct. “The strategic business park in Líně remains under development,” he emphasized.

Distinct Projects with Different Scopes

Over the past weekend, IONWAY, a collaboration between an automotive conglomerate and the Belgian group Umicore, revealed its intentions to establish its inaugural cathode material facility, crucial for electric battery production.

David Hořínek from the state agency CzechInvest differentiates the two initiatives, pointing out the varying scopes. The Polish plant, set in the town of Nisa, will be part of the production and supply chain, with an investment of over CZK 40 billion, creating jobs for 900 people. On the other hand, the gigafactory near Plzeň has a much more considerable investment of CZK 120 billion and may employ around 3,500 individuals, focusing on the actual production of electric batteries.

Future of Czech Gigafactory Site

Local leaders remain optimistic about the potential of the Czech site. Martin Sobotka, who leads Dobřany, highlighted that even if Volkswagen decides against the Czech Republic, other interested investors are waiting eagerly. Echoing this sentiment, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Petr Očko, stated, “If not Volkswagen, we have other interested parties. Conversations would surely follow a similar trajectory as current discussions with Volkswagen.”

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