Vulcan Energy Resources Inaugurates New Zero Carbon Lithiumt Plant in Germany

Vulcan Energy Resources Inaugurates New Zero Carbon Lithiumt Plant in Germany

Lithium Extraction and Optimization Plant Launched

Vulcan Energy Resources Limited has opened its new Lithium Extraction and Optimization Plant (LEOP) in Landau, Germany. This facility marks the start of Europe’s first domestic lithium chemical production, targeting the European lithium supply chain for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). The LEOP, with a €40 million investment, is designed for process optimization, operational training, and product qualification.

Facility’s Features and Project’s Role

Part of Vulcan’s Zero Carbon Lithiumt project, LEOP utilizes renewable heat from the Upper Rhine Valley brine field, Europe’s most extensive lithium resource. This project aims to produce lithium with a zero carbon footprint and generate renewable energy. Vulcan’s pilot testing over nearly three years has shown high lithium recovery and effectiveness of its Vulsorb® sorbent in the Adsorption-Type Direct Lithium Extraction (A-DLE) process.

European Lithium Market and Vulcan’s Strategic Position

The operation of LEOP is timely, considering the European Union’s target for all new vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035 and the projected increase in lithium demand. Vulcan’s project is crucial for Europe’s zero-emission mobility and energy goals, given the continent’s reliance on imported lithium. The Zero Carbon Lithiumt project merges lithium production with renewable energy generation.

Partnerships and Production Outlook

Vulcan has established lithium offtake agreements with entities like Stellantis, Volkswagen, Renault, Umicore, and LG. Its business model is designed to produce enough lithium hydroxide for 500,000 BEVs annually, supply renewable heat locally, and create employment opportunities. The launch of LEOP is a critical development towards Vulcan’s planned Phase 1 commercial production.

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